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"Seeding their own devilish riots in old school punk bred both sides of the Atlantic, Pennsylvanian rockers Scanner unleash their third album to keep the aggressive roar of nostalgic and organic punk rock snarling. There is plenty more essences to the thirteen tracks making up Splat, variety as keen as the attitude fuelling the release, but ultimately album and band is raw rock 'n' roll in heart and temptation. soon as opener Fist in the Air has ears gripped and emotions elevated the thought is that punk fans of all ages and eras need this encounter in their lives. The track quickly ensures the listener is following its title, its opening throaty bassline the lure into familiar yet refreshing punk riffs and sonic spicery. Attitude is ablaze as the plain but inviting tones of Brady incite lyrically and in expression, his bait an easy involvement within the more calm but forceful blend of crisp rhythms and raw riffs."

- RingMaster Review (U.K.) Read the rest of the review here>>

"Splat kicks off with the literal fisting pumping, foot stomping proper old school style punk anthem "Fist in the Air". From the very opening chord, this song like the band themselves, wears its original 1970s punk credentials with angry pride. Then suddenly we turn down a dark rain drenched alleyway, and walk straight into the horror punk of Just Like Bela. As if that wasn't enough to scare the bejesus out of you, the nihilistic lyrics of Living Life to the Emptiest, will have you reaching for that mass-produced hand-gun you got from Walmart.

As its no-hope anti-consumerism message proves that Scanner can cut a track ever bit as politically edgy as their PA band fellows anarcho-punk Anti-Flag. The first of four covers on the alum Straight Jacket, originally recorded by the Australian rock band The Angels in 1980, is a stripped down, straight to the point version. That for me, is a more raw and honest version, than the original. (I'll be honest I had to go back and listen to The Angels version, after hearing Scanner's cover. And side-by-side, not blowing smoke up their ass, but Scanner nailed it!) The track Biker that follows, I guess everyone has to have their least favourite track on an album, and for me Biker didn't take me anywhere. But then again, the nearest I've been to being a biker is riding a scooter around the country lanes of England. But hey, that was all forgotten when the politics returned and Letter to the Government, kicked my, and the American Government's ass back into gear."

Weird Retro (U.K.) Read the rest of the review here>>

"Splat" it's the brand new full length album by the formed in the 1979's Pensilvânia band SCANNER. Their classical style, it's something really incredible. It's been a long time I haven't heard an authentic album like these.

The album contains 13 songs of pure old school punk rock, street punk, horror, surf rock and also a little bit of psychobilly. Certainly is an album that brings the atmosphere of the 70's punk rock for today. If you're a fan of the Ramones and Cock Sparrer, you'll listen to this album noticing the strong influence of the two bands, and also be surprised by the creativity of SCANNER!

- Caio Fernando, Punkaholics Anonymous

"Not to be confused with the German power metal band, these Pennsylvanians have managed to capture the pure and untainted essence of punk rock on "Splat". When I say punk, I mean punk in the original late 70's spirit of the word. This album is not emo, pop-punk, synth-punk, hardcore, grindcore, ad nauseum. It's sarcastic and angry guitar driven music...period.

Scanner themselves have some fun with overzealous genre classification on "Yeah, We Suck", with lyrics that say "not enough leads, not enough thrash...yeah, we suck!" Actually, that's a great snotty punk rock song and it's a pretty good example of what you get here. But a great thing about "Splat" is that there's actually a pretty good range to it despite the simplicity of the music. This is a band trademark. There's real fast stuff like "Fist In the Air" and "Queen of the Stage", more chunky mid paced stomp like "Letter To the Government" and "Straight Jacket" and some tunes that aren't easy to peg except to say that they are punk rock. I really like the choppy "Just Like Bela" with lyrics inspired by "Bride of the Monster". They also do an awesome cover of Bowie's "Suffragette City" and a cowpunk adaptation of the old country chestnut "Kaw-Liga". The only song I think they missed the mark on was "Ghost Song", which tries to be a lot moodier than usual but just doesn't do the job.

This is a fun and energetic listening experience for anybody looking for that rarest of modern sound...honest punk rock."

- Dr. Abner Mality, Wormwood Chronicles

Dr. Abner Mality has written for a number of publications such as RAM Magazine, Music Street Journal and his own project, Wormwood Chronicles, the premier eZine for the undergrounds scene. Wormwood Chronicles reflects a whole range of eclectic underground tastes. Wormwood Chronicles has existed since 1998 and features his interviews with artists ranging from Anthrax to Molly Hatchet and Blue Oyster Cult to Morbid Angel.

"When you think of punk rock, the first thing that comes to mind is CBGBs in New York, though originally intended to feature its namesake musical styles (Country, Blue Grass, and Blues) yea right, it was the home for punk. Think the Misfits, The Dead Boys, Agnostic Front, The Ramones, and Sick of It All to name a few. The last place you would think of would be Central Pennsylvania, the home of Scanner, a punk band that has been around since 1979 and whose name was influenced by an article in a monster magazine about a movie of the same moniker, with imagery of heads exploding. Joe, the bassist and lead singer anticipated their music would have the same effect on future fans and adopted the label. Scanner is rounded out by Troy, drums and vocals, and Junnie, on guitar.

The album, Splat is comprised of 13 tracks, under 3 minute songs, what I would describe as straddling the fence or splitting the difference between Ramones-style punk and rockabilly with a touch of skill and resonance of John Doe, co-founder of X. They show their eclectic influences in spurts, a little of Bowie here, a little of Cash there. The punk/rockabilly mentality is there by keeping the songs short and the lyrics clear and to the point. The opening song to me, Fist in the Air, could have been Mike Ness if he were Dusty Hill dressed up like Johnny Cash on speed. Overall it is a solid punk rock record buried in the hills of Central PA."

- Simone Jane, Uncivil Revolt

Simone is a musician, writer, and sober coach, currently writing a book on addiction, neurology, epigenetics and the effects of music on the brain. She is working on her Master's in Psychology with an emphasis on addiction. She holds a (B.M.Ed.) Bachelor of Music Education from Berklee College of Music and is a huge fan of everything from heavy metal to jazz and classical. She has a passion for helping others.

"…They seem to be gathering pace now, however: in July 2015 they released album number two, the pithily named Splat. Consisting of thirteen tracks including two covers (of which more later), the album draws together their punk heritage with their love of Fifties rock n roll, Sixties surfer music and Seventies glam to create a properly punk (and properly enjoyable) experience.

With virtually every track clocking in at around three minutes or less, they certainly have that part of the punk ethos licked. Track one 'Fist In the Air' starts with a thick bass intro and whine of feedback before kicking into vocalist Joe Brady's raw vocal style and a rockabilly influenced beat.

And so the album continues, with three chord punk rock tracks such as 'Straightjacket', all snotty lyrics and Stardust-era Bowie vibe; the 'oi!' punk of 'Biker'; and the swagger of 'Letter to the Government'. There's also shades of glam rock, particularly in the 'British as anything' feel of 'Running Riot', which has a Sweet/Suzi Quatro feel…"

Melanie Brehaut, The Independent Voice (U.K) Read the rest of the review here>>

"Hey! 'SPLAT' sounds great! Another powerhouse performance from Steeltown's fav hard/punk/sci-fi/horror band! I love the mixing/mastering - the band is able to sound very dirty and raw, while at the same time preserving a clean space in the mix for good vocals. It's a very modern sound. You're all to be commended!

My favorite title: 'Living Life to the Emptiest.' Fav cover: 'Suffragette City,' and 'Kaw-Liga' turned out well, too!

Intense energy and tightly played rhythms as well! Consistently intense energy!
What a fun and driving band yinz are!

I'm sure you'll get good reviews on this CD, just like your last one. Keep up the good work!"

Buster Maxwell - Entertainer / Singing Impressionist / Producer / Composer

"This is a gem, I really enjoyed this album! I heard the song "Just Like Bela" and bought the album on a whim and I'm sure glad I did. Most of the tracks are original songs and I picked out two cover songs "Suffragette City" by David Bowie and Kaw-Liga by Hank Williams. Both of these are great covers, by the way. A friend told me that Running Riot and Straightjacket are also from other bands, but I had never heard them before.

This band is HIGH ENERGY, kinda Punk, and VERY Rock and Roll! My favorite tracks are "Just Like Bela", which is about someone wishing they had some kind of powers like Bela Lugosi, and "Yeah We Suck", which really spoke to me because I do a lot of speaking to groups and also have done some creative stuff in my life and basically you are always going to get negative feedback from people that is completely useless. This song really spoke to me! Bela reminded me of young teenage angst and a feeling that maybe someday I would have the power to "get them all back". I don't miss those days, but this song made it all seem possible again! You should give this entire album a listen and a chance.

I also loved "Letter to the Government", "Queen of the Stage", and "Fist in the Air", but really there is not a single dud. The best Rock is always powered by a sense of rebellion, pure energy and that anything goes attitude – this album has it in buckets. Just terrific, it's going to be on rotation for a long time!"

James W. Fortner ( Reviewer)

"Gotta share some love to my boys in Scanner. If you like real classic punk attitude straight forward cut to the chase and go for the throat lyrics this is what you need. These guys aren't afraid to put it on the line and you gotta respect that! Keep kicking it guys. The Clash may have been called the only band that matters BUT you guys pick the torch up very well and drive it home."

Dave Whitewolf Sellers - Independent Singer, Songwriter, and Musician


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"Punk rock dead? We all know it ain't so, but when you hear the latest from Scanner, you'll realize that not only is punk not dead, but it's more PO'ed and snottier than ever. This is the real deal. Scanner has roots in the original punk rock of the late 70's…the punk of The Sex Pistols, the Dead Boys and the Stooges, not many distortions of the genre that have flourished since the glory days. The brash and offensive sound of that pure kind of punk lives on in Scanner.

When you start your album with a buzzsaw cover of The Dead Boys' "Sonic Reducer", you're making a declaration of war from the get-go. And you also have to have the right attitude to do justice to the original. No problem for Scanner, they nail it. What a great raw guitar sound these dudes have got on this album…enough bite to appeal to metal fans but definitely with the buzz of classic punk. Everything comes across as loud as a gunshot. This is not as noisy or ferocious as hardcore, but also it's not anything close to pop-punk or…thank God…emo.

A good cover is always cool but a band lives or dies by its originals and Scanner excel here, too. You just can't get more punk than fast, angry songs like "Weekends Suck" and "Getcha To Burn". There's no fat on these tunes. The guys in Scanner have to be in their late 40's, if not 50's, yet youthful arrogance and desire to mess things up comes roaring to life here. The vocals in particular just drip venom…listen to the bitter lyrics of "Death and Grief and Sorrow and Murder", which is about how the media exploits tragedy. When Joe Brady snarls "You're Out of School and No One Cares", you believe him.

Scanner holds to the basic punk template of fast, short, angry songs but there's some cool variety to avoid monotony. "It's A War" has an ominous, even creepy feel…"Pornography" is on the bluesy side…and the album ending instrumental "Surfin' Serpents" starts out almost like a speeded up version of "House of the Rising Sun" before kicking into killer punk with a surfy overtone. The guitar soloing prowess of Junnie Fortney also can't be praised highly enough…this guy lets rip with smoking rock n roll solos on just about every track here.

You get 10 tracks on One Foot In the Grave…and More Pissed Than Ever and every one earns its keep. This is one of the best pure punk rock efforts to surface in recent years and you really wonder why these guys didn't become as big as some of their influences. It happens. Punk is a harsh mistress, but Scanner is here to worship her. Check this out!"

5 out of 5

- Dr. Abner Mality, Wormwood Chronicles

Dr. Abner Mality has written for a number of publications such as RAM Magazine, Music Street Journal and his own project, Wormwood Chronicles, the premier eZine for the undergrounds scene. Wormwood Chronicles reflects a whole range of eclectic underground tastes. Wormwood Chronicles has existed since 1998 and features his interviews with artists ranging from Anthrax to Molly Hatchet and Blue Oyster Cult to Morbid Angel.

"Out of Pittsburgh comes the band SCANNER, whom were actually active way back in 1979 and the original recordings of the material on their CD 'One foot in the grave…' also date back to 1979-1980. Musically it is raw pure Punkrock in the late 70s style, yet with a Rock and Roll attitude, including typical Classic Rock type of guitarwork and even some solos.

The band sounds like they were standing with one foot in the classic mid 1970s New York Punk/Glamrock'n'roll sound of NEW YORK DOLLS, RAMONES, CBGB, KISS and the other foot in the late 1970s Punkrock style of London (DEAD BOYS, STIFF LITTLE FINGERS, etc.), while the guitar solos and mostly uptempo hardrocking tunes even revealed a sorta early 80s NWOBHM sound.

A song like "Pornography", "Fight" and especially "Martian War Machines" could have easily been pre-Glamrock songs of the legendary band WRATHCHILD UK.

Anyway, it sounds very raw and is absolutely not interesting for people who like their rock to sound polished and well-produced, because this SCANNER is as live and real you can get, so this is definitely pure Rock and Roll the way it was meant to be!"

7.8 out of 10

Strutter Magazine (The Netherlands)

"This is old school punk that is nasty, gritty, brimming with attitude and sounds nothing like the hyper realized pop punk of today. The album they reunited for and released is called 'One foot in the grave, and more pissed than ever.' The album title made me snicker almost as much as the album cover did. It contains ten songs that are two to three minutes long and get you geeked to crack open a Miller High Life, bash your head against a 2x4 and pass out.

Opening with 'Sonic Reducer' the band is in good form and sound like they could be a bunch of lads hailing from England about half their age. The song benefits from the perfect amount of attitude of the lead vocals, the vocal harmonies and stellar guitar work (especially the lead)."Pornography" is a quick one at 1:36 seconds but you have to appreciate a song where the only lyric in the chorus is 'pornography.' Their delivery is humorous and light, which makes it work.

Another good solid tune that has the right amount of unpretentious humor is 'Weekends Suck.' The lead singer sings 'Sittin' at the bar, talkin' 'bout nothin'/Wearin' trendy rags, nothin' but a poseur.' Interestingly enough they end with an instrumental number called 'Surfin' Serpents' that contains such catchy lead guitar work that might remind you a bit of 'Free Bird.'

So ten songs of short 70's inspired punk that is done by guys who grew up in the era. What's not to like. Take a listen."

3.7 out of 5

Jamie Funk
The Equal Ground
Indie Music Album Reviews

Scanner was formed in 1979 by Joe Brady and Junnie Fortney and has since become a punk rock powerhouse playing all over Pennsylvania and the Baltimore and DC areas. With Brady on bass and Fortney on guitar, Troy Alwine rounds out the trio on drums and all three members contribute to the vocals, with Brady taking lead.  Comparisons have been made to the Sex Pistols, Dead Boys, Ramones and Iggy Pop, among others.  Their album One Foot in the Grave, and More Pissed Than Ever is a testament to decades of talent and punk righteousness.

"Sonic Reducer" is the introductory track and the energetic beat will captivate listeners right off the bat.  It's a solid offering that sets the tone for what fans can expect from the rest of the album, which contains 10 fast-paced songs with a pure punk attitude.  "It's a War" opens with a killer guitar riff that is reminiscent of old school surf music.  Brady's vocals are delivered in the best Sid Vicious style and the instrumentation throughout this track speaks volumes of this band's talent, particularly the guitar work.

"Pornography" is perhaps one of the best punk songs to grace the music world in recent years.  This high energy track summarizes everything about the punk genre in a jam packed minute and a half that showcases Scanner's ability to cram as much attitude as possible into a short but entertaining piece of music.  "Fight" is likewise an iconic punk offering complete with in-your-face vocals, blazing guitar work and hard hitting percussion.  The lyrics embody the punk lifestyle and fans will likely thrash themselves to near death when Scanner performs this one live.

"Getcha To Burn" carries a distinct Ramones influence and Brady's vocals are gritty and delivered with an energy and vigor that is admirable.  Scanner is nothing if not energetic and their performance is punctuated with strong percussion and blazing guitar work in every song on the album, but most particularly within this offering -- "Weekends Suck" starts with a powerful bass line and each member of the band truly gets their chance to shine here.  Scanner is clearly a band that enjoys playing together and they do it extremely well.  There is not a single missed note in any of the songs on this album.

"Surfin' Serpents" is an instrumental track and it is simply phenomenal.  It is also the last song on One Foot in the Grave, and More Pissed Than Ever.  By this time, listeners will have a tremendous appreciation for this band and the talent therein, but the closing track offers a creativity that may come as a surprise.  This isn't just a punk band.  Scanner is also a band of very talented individuals who have been making music for decades and know exactly what they're doing."

4 out of 5

Rhonda Readence

Rhonda Readence is a freelance writer based in Arizona.  Formerly a writer for Exciting City Magazine, Rhonda has interviewed many bands and written about genres ranging from punk to metal to classic rock to jazz.  She also enjoys going to as many live shows as possible.  A one-time protégé of Neon Cactus Studios, Rhonda has also dabbled in the art of production and engineering.


"I'm so glad the SCANNER boys are stirring up so much trouble lately. Great work, gentlemen! You make my ears bleed a little. And I mean that in a good way!"

Buster Maxwell, Actor & Entertainer

"Keep this shit up! I love it! Fuck the decaying masses!"

Todd Nelsen, Author

"Who says you can't return to the 80's Punk Scene? Scanner does with a
little modern twist and some Surf Punk to boot. With other bands trying to
emulate that punk scene and failing, Scanner will not disappoint. They are
genuine old school and not posers. Do yourself a favor maggots, and pick
this one up!"

Paul Knight, Contributor to Scary Monsters Magazine since 1999 (and old
school PUNK!)

"Unadulterated Punk Rock. If the bands listed as Scanner's influences are your cup of tea (or bottle of rotgut), you'll be sure to start pogoing and creepy crawling to these ten ditties!" - 5 out of 5 Stars

Customer Review on

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